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There are over 470 000 Deaf and 1-2 million hard of hearing in Poland. Their native language is Polish Sign Language which is different form the Polish grammar and syntax. Therefore, 70% of the Deaf have limited access to services, offices and cultural life. For effective communication a piece of paper and a pen are not enough...

We established MIGAM.ORG to help the Deaf

Migam.org is totally associated with the world of the Deaf. We offer interpreting online service (through Migam Interpreter App), create a sign language dictionary, record educational materials. We are also working on the use of the latest technology to eliminate communication barriers between the Deaf and hearing communities.


In 2014 we have done more than 10 000 translations for our deaf users – 95% of them are satisfied with the quality of our service. Currently we suport 27 institutional clients – 99% of them has decided to extend the contract with us for the next year. By the end of the year we plan to increase this number several times. Till now we have recorded more than 5 000 films in Polish Sign Language (hereinafter: PJM). We employ the largest number of PJM and SJM (sign language system besed on Polish grammar and syntax) interpreters in Poland. Furthermore, the Deaf work with us taking responsible posiotions. In December 2014 we had a reading during 2014 International Day of Persons with Disabilities in New York at the United Nations Headquarters.thumb_awardsres_resize_600_600.png

We mediate in dialogs between the Deaf and hearing staff enquirers institutions. Migam Interpreter App works on smartphone, tablet or through a browser. A deaf user connects with our interpreter thanks to whom he is able to communicate with our client (i.e. an office). With our service a deaf person can manage his case out of the house, from the street or an office.




As Migam.org we have the ambition to go with our solutions to the global market. But to do that we need capital. That’s why we decided to crowdfunding. Our concept of development is based on three solutions:

Software franchise

Each country has its own sign language. However, Migam.org has proven and appreciated the technology to support the Deaf. This model is to provide our technology to organizations involved in the field of the Deaf in other countries. Migam.org provides SaaS software license fee and a percentage of revenue from its use.

„Uber” for sign language interpreters

Worldwide, there are over 70 million deaf people and only 15 thousand sign language interpreters. To facilitate access to an interpreter we decided to create a portal connecting interpreters and deaf people from all over the world. Thanks that, an interpreter from anywhere in the world will be able to register and provide interpreting services remotely. And he will receive an appropriate remuneration for his service. Thanks to our technology deaf users will be able to choose any inerpreter who uses preferable sign language.



In 2013 we started working on the automatic sign language translator which gives a possibility of comunication with the Deaf. KinecTranslator uses motion detection technology and is based on neural networks. At the moment we use the Kinect camera to read sign language. We plan to move it over smartphones. We are going to get the EU grant of 1.5 million euros on the development of the project. More about the project can be read at this link.


Responsible Business

In our work we actively promote the integration of deaf people with hearing and hearing with the Deaf.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an effective program for learning Mathematics by videos posted on Youtube. To facilitate learning process for the Deaf we have tranlated these materials to PJM. Currently, the database already has 20 recorded items and this amount keeps on growing. Videos can be seen at this link.

Economics in the hands of the Deaf

We run a program with the Polish National Bank „Economics in the hands of the Deaf” which includes: competitions, the Olympics and the conference for deaf youth. You can read more about this action on the website.

Sign Language Learning

We provide free materials for learning Polish and American Sign Language. We are also preparing a PJM manual which is created in cooperation with deaf people. Currently it covers 60 movies and 700 pictures.

Our Team



Przemek Kuśmierek

Email: przemek.kusmierek@migam.org 

Mobile : +48 668 646 540

Skype : pkusmierek1 

For more information visit our website migam.org


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